Legal notices and General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the company :
Berlines Nouvelle Aquitaine B.N.A.


Legal mentions of Berlines Nouvelle Aquitaine


EURL – With the Capital of : 500.00 €

R.C.S. Bordeaux 842 473 811

SIRET NUMBER : 84247381100011

Intracommunity VAT : FR 18842473811

NAF code : 4932Z

Website :

E-mail contact :




The present general conditions of sale govern the commercial activity of B.N.A., with a capital of 500,00 €, whose head office is located at 23 rue CALYPSO 33140 VILLENAVE D’ORNON, registered at the RCS of BORDEAUX under the number 842473811. : 0789008326

The transport of persons for payment is a regulated activity, only authorized vehicles, VTC and cabs, can perform this service. Any order made involves the acceptance of the general conditions of sale (CGV) below. B.N.A. undertakes to respect them in their entirety and to do everything possible to guarantee an irreproachable service for its customers.



Any estimate previously established and in your possession will be valid only if it does not exceed 30 days from its date of issue. The rate applies to the direct displacement without stop from the point of assumption of responsibility and this until the point of arrival, the rates are understood TTC (VAT 10%) except for the provision (VAT 20%) and are always mentioned in euros, and include the routing of the customer or customers, the vehicle, the fuel, the driver, the insurance for the transported people and the services offered on board (tablet, Wifi, drinks, candies, newspapers…)




The transfer service begins at the address of the company’s headquarters and ends when the customer arrives at the planned address.


The transport is in limited mileage within the framework of provision to the hour:

-20 kilometers for 1 hour of provisioning

-80 kilometers for 4 hours of provisioning

-180 kilometers for 8 hours of availability

Any hour started is due in its entirety.



Any delay of the passenger(s) in relation to the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form will lead to an increase in the price of the service, in the case where the customer warns the driver by telephone at +33 7 89 00 83 26 according to the following terms:

-More than 15 minutes late: 15 euros

-More than 30 minutes late: 30 euros

-For each additional half hour of delay: 30 euros

The payment of these increases occurs at the latest at the time of the boarding of the passenger (s) in the vehicle.

Any request for pick-up between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am as well as on public holidays will be increased by 20%.

In case of absence of the customer on the place of the appointment, beyond the first 15 minutes free, without any demonstration of its share, nor of answer to the telephone call of the driver, the service will be definitively lost, without possibility of postponement and without being able to claim with any refunding.

Except for waiting at airports where 1 hour of waiting is offered.



All services must be reserved by contacting B.N.A. by phone, SMS, e-mail or directly on the website. The reservation must be made at the latest 24h00 before the beginning of the said service and will be effective if and only if the driver can honor it according to his geographical location, the reservation must be made by the customer or by a duly authorized agent, any reservation must mention obligatorily:

Name or corporate name of the company

Name and telephone number of the client

Date, time and place of the client’s pick-up



In case of cancellation of ordered trips, the cancellation fees are as follows:

Cancellations must always be communicated in writing.

  • Less than 24 hours invoicing of 100% of the service
  • Less than 48 hours invoicing of 50% of the service.
  • Less than 72 hours invoicing of 25% of the service.

It is your duty to inform the company B.N.A. in case of any problem as soon as possible.



You are informed that, the article L. 221-18 of the Code of consumption, is not applicable to the whole of the services proposed by our services being defined out of field by the article L. 221-2 of the same chapter of the Code of consumption

Consequently, the Services ordered on the Site are exclusively subject to the conditions of cancellation and modification provided in our General Conditions of Sale.



Any damage caused by the customer to the interior or exterior of the vehicle will be at his expense (door opening), unless it is demonstrated that it comes from a third party. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the vehicle, the wearing of a seatbelt is compulsory in the front and in the back, the customer will be fined at his expense.

In no case, the customer will be able to require that the driver exceeds the authorized speed limit or to ask him to commit infringements of the traffic rules, the driver must respect and make respect the laws in force.

B.N.A. reserves the right to interrupt the service in progress if the client commits an infraction, for example: use of drugs, taking of alcohol or inappropriate speech towards the driver or a person inside or outside the vehicle and if the client puts the safety of the driver or that of others in danger.

Dirt penalties: 120€.



The service begins on the day and at the time agreed upon by the client and the company B.N.A. and at the departure of the place given by the client and ends once the destination is reached.



Any modification by the customer during the service will involve a supplement if and only if the distance initially planned was to lengthen.



Our services are payable at the time of reservation or at the time of pick-up, except for “professional” customers, who must pay within 30 days from the date of the invoice. The accepted methods of payment are either cash, credit card or bank transfer or by sending a secure payment link from B.N.A. The customer will be given an invoice for any payment greater than or equal to 25 € and below this amount on request only.

For a provision a deposit of 50% will be requested at the reservation.



B.N.A. cannot be held responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond its control (blocked roads, detour, traffic jams, weather conditions, demonstrations, immobilization of the vehicle for various reasons, etc.). In these cases, we will do our utmost to ensure that the customer is picked up by another driver. The luggage or any other object belonging to the customer is under his entire responsibility.

B.N.A. recognizes the obligation to take the necessary measures to preserve the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and reserves the right to refuse any person who would compromise the safety and good preservation of the vehicle.

The transport of animals is normally prohibited unless B.N.A. has been informed in advance and has approved the authorization. Dogs for the blind are accepted.

B.N.A. will not be held responsible for the loss or misplacement of any object, whatever it may be, which would be left in the vehicle once the service is completed and therefore disclaims all responsibility, it goes without saying that any object forgotten and still present in the vehicle will be returned to you as soon as possible.



The responsibility of B.N.A. is limited to the clauses of its insurance contract, its professional insurance “subscribed for the transport of passengers for payment” which covers in an unlimited way the passengers transported for payment on board the sedan in the event of accident with physical injury, in accordance with the French regulation in force: article L3120.4 of the code of transport and in application of the decree of April 18, 1966 relating to the conditions of the exercise of the profession of Vehicle of Transport with Chauffeur (VTC)



B.N.A. is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers, the information collected from them will in no case be transmitted to third parties.



The vehicle and the driver will be provided with all the necessary documents for the good progress of the service. The number of luggage is open within the limit of the vehicle’s loading capacity, however each luggage can not exceed 20 kilos per person transported, the latter must not present any risk of damage to the vehicle, non-compliance with these conditions will necessarily result in an overcharge.



Any complaint will be accepted only within 120 hours after the execution of the service, once this period exceeded only the commercial court of BORDEAUX will be competent.



B.N.A. reserves the right to modify its general sales conditions at any time.

The applicable general terms and conditions of sale are those in force on the date of conclusion of the contract with the Customer.

Any modification of the general terms and conditions of sale will be presumed accepted by the Customer who, after having been notified in writing, has not expressed his disagreement within thirty days.



The Customer declares to have read the G.S.C. before placing an order and to have accepted them without reservation. Any order implies acceptance of the general conditions of sale of services in force.